Worksheets Activitiesmore Multiplication Practice 2 Digit by 2 Digit Numbers

According to internet rumors and even in some history books, there are versions of this worksheet that show various styles or formulas used to build the modern empires in Asia. The text has been copied from different worksheets found on the internet.

This worksheet contains information about the physical geography of Asia. It gives details of the different climate conditions throughout the Asia region. A number of other geographical facts are also mentioned and explained.

The following are four prominent Asian countries in the Americas – China, India, Thailand. China was known as the most populous country in the world. It also was the largest economic power in the world in the past few decades. The people were used to work very hard, so they were very successful in the fields of government and industry.

Rice is a staple food in China. The history of China is a history of its conquest of the world. All the important emperors have left beautiful and good-looking descendants. Since so many new islands were found, much territory was divided among many countries in Asia. Then the great people in these new countries started to fight with each other over the land.

In ancient times, China had a very long border with Korea. Because of the Mongols, China was made into one big country. Korea became the Korean Peninsula. Nowadays, there are two Koreas – North and South. Since China and Japan were very close, they have a lot of historical things in common.

Thailand was also very populous. It was known as “Thailand the Great”. Bangkok was also the center of the powerful and wealthy aristocracy. The Empire of Thailand went through a succession of dynasties. This kingdom is divided into several kingdoms and provinces.

The island of Siam has lots of interesting places. Some famous sights on Siam include the Phra Nang (Chula O), Ang Thong, the Jetty, and the Tung Trung (Ocean Rock). The Hindu Temple of U.R.V. Bade Maha Nayak is one of the most important attractions of the world.

South and Central America were also part of the United States. There were also lots of colonies and possessions that took part in different wars against European nations. They fought against Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, and others. These events were what were called the American Wars.

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