With over 18.93 million foreign arrivals in 2019, India is certainly not a stranger to tourism. The country has been ranked 16th out of 140 countries in the world tourism ranking, with Delhi ranked 28th by the number of foreign tourist arrivals. Visit us-reviews.com for a list of US travel agencies online reviews.

You may be wondering what makes India a popular tourist attraction to the rest of the world. The country’s cultures, architecture, and nature are some of the reasons responsible for this. Below, we highlight 6 travel destinations in India that prove why.

1.  The Taj Mahal in Agra:

Probably the most notable attraction in the country, the Taj Mahal comes to mind when most people think of India. Located in the former capital city of the Mughal Empire, this mausoleum is an architectural beauty. Its design is Islamic-influenced, with its iconic dome, minarets and arches. The surfaces are adorned with floral patterns and beautiful stones like diamonds and lapis lazuli. Aside from its obvious beauty, the Taj Mahal’s history is just as noteworthy. The building was constructed in honor of the fifth emperor’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal, whom it was also named after.

2.  The Gateway of India in Mumbai:

Erected in commemoration of King George V and Queen Mary’s landing in 1911, the iconic arch is Mumbai’s top tourist attraction. It is a popular spot for travelers to visit and patronize food vendors as well.

3.  Delhi:

From the Red Fort to the Lotus Temple, and Humayun’s Tomb, the country’s capital, Delhi, alone has many sites to explore and marvel at. It is rich with historical monuments once occupied by Mughal leaders in the capital city. There is surely enough to feed the eyes and the camera as well. India’s capital is also referred to as the food capital of India, and it’s not so difficult to see why. This historical city is a synthesis of different cultures, and different cultures lead to a diverse variety of food. Be sure to explore the different cuisines in the restaurants whenever you visit.

4.  Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is a city in India and it is home to one of the largest mosques in the world—Mecca Masjid. The mosque, also the oldest in the country, is said to be large enough to accommodate about 10,000 worshipers and it required about 80 years to complete. The intricate architecture contains 15 arches and pillars, the former with inscriptions from the holy Qur’an above it. It is indeed a revered religious attraction in the country.

5.  Ranthambore National Park:

This is a notable animal reserve in the country with an impressive display of wildlife. Some animals worthy of seeing include tigers, leopards, sloth bears, striped hyenas, and the Indian wild boar. The park is strictly open to visitors only from October to June.

6.  The Golden Temple in Amritsar:

Harmandir Sahib, also referred to as the Golden Temple, is the holiest temple according to the religion of the Sikhs. Despite this affiliation to Sikhism, the temple is open to all religions and people. This is symbolized by the four entrances on the sides of the temple. The temple’s architecture spots a two-storied structure, with the top covered in gold panels and the bottom built out of marble.  The entire building incorporates both Islamic and Hindu designs. The temple is also famous for its hospitality, recognized as the largest free community kitchen in the world.

India is filled with a lot of notable places. Many of these locations have so much history behind them and this makes tourists want to witness and experience. If you are inquisitive about travel destinations in India, we hope this helps you!