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You may not know, but detail matters!

April 15, 2014

Guys love to think crude and careless of themselves as manliness, but the truth is woman does not appreciate those men because women need to sacrifice too much to live with men pay no attention to details at all.

Contrarily, a man who pays attention to details must know how to take care of everything and everyone in his life. Thus, it is more likely for those kinds of men to win woman’s heart eventually.

Let give an example here: Have you ever wear more than 2 types of tie knots or actually practice different ways to tie a tie in you life? Office or daily life? If not, then you probably not so into detail. You may say it is just a tiny part of total outfit, but it is not!

If you are able to practice a new type of knot to your wife, unlike you that always forget to give compliment to her when she change outfit for you, she will absolutely find out the effort you make to fresh her, and, what’s more important is, she will pay you back more than you can possibly image!

Why hesitate, it’s time to be a better guy and a better husband!


Something that you may overlook about gentleman

April 11, 2014

One of the fundamental requirements of Gentleman is ”Bring no pain and trouble to others”, he’s a man with deep knowledge but low profile, he wore appropriately with the respect of others that he avoid conflict and discomfort, mild and made everyone feel at ease … … Gentleman style’s biggest feature is decent, conservative, modest, polite, quiet and respect the Lady, to make an impression with their cultured manners.


These requirements in public schools is particularly stressed, and subtle influence to society. The famous 19th century gentleman, Lord Chesterfield wrote to his son: “don’t ever seem more smarter and more knowledgeable than those around you. Your knowledge, like watches, carefully in his pocket. Don’t take it out to show off, but simply let people know you have it. ”

Tailored shirts are super hot online right now

November 4, 2013

Tailored shirts are probably one of the hottest items for men online at the moment. The old world tradition of buying tailor made shirts at a tailor have been brought online and now tailored shirts can be ordered by taking a few easy shirt flu measurements.

You can even design your own shirts now in true detail. Anything can be customized with different fabrics, collars, cuffs, buttons, and buttonholes.

There is quite a few of great options that can bring out your own true style. Be sure to do it right. Go custom with tailored shirts online.

It’s easy to stand out with your own design. Give it a try.


Custom dress shirts online are a breeze to order

October 18, 2013

Another thing that was nice about the custom dress shirts from were that it is possible to make a semi- Tailored shirt by indicating its body shape based on some pictures as well as age, height and size . It will not be quite as precise as when measuring for, but it makes it easier to get started with getting commissioned the first shirt. However, I got my wife to measure measuring me and it was easy and painless .

Dress shirts for men

Something I have not availed myself of , but that sounds exceptionally ‘s ShirtsMyWay ‘s customer service. The unlikely event you are not satisfied with the fit (note – you have even stated objectives ) , you can order ShirtsMyWay ‘ bill so made ​​changes at any tailor in Denmark and send them the bill ( max € 35 though) . If it is not to change , you can send it back with the message required changes and they will send you a new one! It provides peace of stomach !

Delivery times are respected , moreover, (my came from China even in about a week’s time against the promised 2 weeks) . Here ShirtsMyWay Others well learn something ( think it’s over 4 weeks in them) ! The package was surrounded with a red ribbon when it arrived , providing a great start experience! They are nice when being pampered detail, because one thinks naturally also happened MHT shirt.

Awesome custom dress shirts: Watch this

October 17, 2013

Custom dress shirts come in all sorts and shapes. I highly recommend watching this video.

It’ll take you through the few steps you need to take to get a shirt you’ll love. Forget poorly fitting shirts go custom.


Custom dress shirts when they’re at their best

You can get custom dress shirts as low as € 38 ( 280kr ) online, but the question is whether they are worth something. I have been fortunate we be given a coupon for a free shirt of its kind (for that I wrote about my experience ) . I have on my other blog before written extensively about my experiences with tailored shirts .

Ordering and options

Men's shirts

The booking was done smoothly and it’s definitely not what you should be afraid when ordering custom shirts (or let’s call them custom -made, the tailor meter ‘s not up , it makes it even ) , but it was easy to navigate the menus of choosing the detail I wanted. Unfortunately only shows an outline of the shirts , so you can not follow visually in how skojrten looks ( which can be a problem if you choose the more advanced features such as contrast agents colored buttonholes and stitching. A makes sites like ShirtsMyWay makes it easier .

Mht to choose from, there are not so many details can be changed according to personal preference, but that is the most important ( cuff , collar (though not as many) , buttoning , rygstil and bottom cut, indicating the number of pockets and embroidery of initials ) . ShirtsMyWay , however, offers a really cool feature that I have not seen the other offer – contrasting thread to the button hole and around the button where it only be made on manchetknappen – Indecent Proposal ( why I chose it God knows , but maybe I go after one of the next shirt ) ! If they would also have the option so you could do it on the bottom button on the front of the shirt I’d be happy!